Happy Birthday....
A Very Happy Birthday to Shiiki. I hope today is full of happiness and fun.

Countdown for thanksgiving break
Registration is a pain. In my school, it depends on how much credits and what year you are in but you have to get up around 6 am and registers. I got up about 2 minutes early and couldn't get into the site then when I did get in, the some of my classes I would like to take is closed. so I only end up with 12 credits.  12 credits is good when you want to take your time and your major is Nursing.

 Its about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break and I welcome the break.(even though its only 3 days)  this semster have been horrible. I wish I could have done better. If only I have a time-turner. 

I hope, f-list, that your week is good. especially to those that have horrible people upsetting you. 

Please wear black for Alcohol Awareness Week for all those that died or been effected from drunk driving or drinking

Better late than never

Happy Belated birthday! I wish you many more even though I don't know you that well.

Few more months left

I had spring week this week but It wasn't what I plan at all.
 I went to the dentist and after they finish with me, my mouth couldn't close. My  jaw bone came out of the socket. They try many times to put it back but couldn;t. I had to go to a specialist to put my jaw back in place. that was painful. They wrap my head tightly and send me home. When I reach home, I was eating my lunch, the jaw came back out. I rush downstairs to my mother. We drove back to the spealist. He pushed it back in then he said he have to wire my mouth. When they were wiring it, I was in so much pain as they use needles to numb the area then the bone slip back out.  At the end of the procedure, they put it back in and told me the worst news. I could only eat through the straw and only liquids. It's bad for me as I love to eat.  So I was upset the entire spring break even when they took of some of the wire the next three days. I had to wait another 3 days to take the rest off. I was so scared about that needle. It's okay I just have to be more careful not to open my mouth too wide. Every day I fear its going to come out.

I'm back to school and I have a couple of months left. This semester is going fast so I have to finish all the assignments due next month. It's a lot but I started to research it and gain information. I just have to put the information together. 

Have a great day f-list!

New Month
Happy Birthday to Ron.

I made it to the next round for the RA selection.  The other round was group interview which I did my best in as its not my favorite thing to do. I don't like to talk in groups. We had three different activities and people were walking around writing notes. I think I should have talk louder as I was very nervous. The other people in my group have louder voices than me and one of them were kind of helping me out. I appreciate that she tried to help me. She made it to the last round. I'm happy for her. 

When I found out that I didn't make it to the last round, I had mixed feelings. I was happy that I made it that far and tried my best for what I want. I was upset that my best wasn't good enough and that some things I could have done better. This RA selection taught me something. I am shy and quiet and its holding me back. I'm trying to fix it but I don't feel I'm making a effort. But I'm trying hard.

Spring Break is in one week and I'm very excited for it. A break from classes especially microbiology, economic, and sociology. I love microbiology but the notes every week are getting pile on and on. It's a lot. I have several assignment to finish for this month and next month. I have to get a move on. I'm procrastinating like Ron and waiting until the last minute.   

Since I'm not on livejournal often I would like to say, Have a Good Weekend, f-list!

Long Time

It have been a long time that I haven't written anything. School work have been piling up for me. I have three test tomorrow one after another. 
I have been also busy with appling as a RA( resident assistant who make sure rules are followed and organizes activities in campus and develop friendship with the residence on their floor like a role model). I have a interview tomorrow and I am a bit nervous about it. I am soft-spoken person and very shy so I have to practiced before I go to the interview. 

The weather is awful in New York as it is snowing pretty hard. I was planning to go home for a while  and meet my friend since I have no classes today but I am stuck here in my dorm studying and on the computer. I am worry  that they would wait in the snow as they don't have a cell phone so I cannot g et in hold of them. But I am hoping the weather ease up so I can meet my friend.

Happy Valentine's Day  to my f-list!

First of all, I would like to wish Shiiki a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I wish you many more.  you're a very lovely person to talk to. 

I am very excited for Deathly Hallows to come out in July. I 'm counting down the months and days. I already pre-order the book but it cannot be deliver until the closer date. I am especially anxious to see if Harry, Ron and Hermione survived which I hope they do, if Ron and Hermione would get marry at the end of the war, and if Ginny and Harry(if he survived) get marry also. On Mugglenet, I think they reported that two more deaths so I hope its none of the Weasley as it would break up the loving connection. It is also very depressing to know that this is the last book. It is going to be a lot of expections and I hope it answer many questions that fans have. No more Harry Potter that very hard to write and talk about.

I am also happy and thankful to have my challenge fic got accepted and that regular, well-written writers like the story. I was very worried that some people would not like it, so, I was surprise to read the reviews of the fic , I appreciate their review. It put a big smile on my face and made me work harder on my writing. I didn't get a chance to read & review all the fics. But the one I have read and didn't get to finish and review, It have been so far very lovely and well written. 

I submit my movie quote fic today and I feel as if a big load have been lifted off my shoulder. It feels so good to get it finish. Even though, I had trouble with the summary and the story. I try my best for this challenge so i'm hoping that it is good enough for this challenge. I got a lot of help. I know I thank you million times but I would like to tell you,Shiiki, Thank You so much.

I hope that I submit the challenge fic correctly. (sorry)I have very bad memory and can't remember if I submit the fic.

End of the first week
The first week of school wasn't too back. but after a long break, I had to get used to going to class. On fridays, I have to get up really early at 8:30 when the rest of my week of classes start in the afternoon. It would make a person really lazy if you are a morning person.

I don't think my friend dorming with me again as she got used to commuting. I was upset about her decision but now I'm okay with it. But I hope by next week she change her mind. She is fun to be around with. So my roommate might have her friend dorm with us. It's cool as I gotten to know her but I feel bad that I am quiet around them. I just can't get myself to talk to them as I don't know what to say. I'm really shy.

I start up driving classes again. I hope to take my driving test soon maybe next month. I just having problems with making U-Turn but I'm good at parking.

Do anyone knows how to change the style layout of journal? It didn't really work when I try.

Back to school
These past days of school haven't been that bad. So far my favorite class might be microbiology and maybe Writing. I start classes in the afternoon instead of the morning which I hate. but I finish at 4 so it's not that bad.

I wish my old roomate can clear and tell the school that she won't be dorming anymore so my friend can move in. There is suppose to be three people in the room but my old roomate is leaving. My two roommate's are both freshman and talk to each other more as they have more in common. So I am upset that my old roommate is leaving but I am kind of glad that my friend can dorm with me.

The movie quote challenge deadline is coming up. I am trying to work on another fic to see if it would work out. Because I thought about it, I am thinking too much about it and I thought the challenge suppose to be fun. which I ma but it's a little stressful.


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